Mountain Edits is a New Zealand based photo and video editing company, specialising in the editing of wedding and event photography using Lightroom and videography using Premier and Final Cut.Weddings and events are hard work! And nothing saps creative energy like hours and hours sitting in front of your computer! Why not give that job to us - and get your free time back!Got a mountain of edits? You need Mountain Edits!

Who we are

Mountain Edits is run by me, Greg Campbell, a wedding photographer with more than 10 years in the business. I realised that I was spending a lot of time training people to help me with my edits, only for them to have nothing to do in the winter - so they'd go off and get 'real' jobs! I needed a way to keep people busy in the off season and since New Zealand's winter is most people's summer - Mountain Edits was born! Currently we are a team of three, all of whom are working content creators and editing experts.

Here's a rare photo of my main editor Gabby and me

Photo editing - how it works

It's super easy! Using Lightroom, you send us a catalogue with Smart Previews using an online platform like Google Drive. We can then do all the edits and send the finished catalogue back for you to import. So easy! We have a step-by-step guide to help and are always available if you need more help.

What's included

Standard editing of images includes the application of a preset, cropping, straightening, exposure and white balance adjustments, as well as a small amount of basic spot and patch use.

Editing time

Our normal editing turnaround time is two weeks

Video editing - how it works

Video editing requires use of the original video footage from the event, which can either be transferred via an online storage service (Google Drive, WeTransfer etc) or we can offer a postal address for shipping drives to us directly.

What's included

Videos are so diverse and unique and no two are the same; with that in mind we work closely with content creators to cull and edit a video to their requirements. Most creators ask for the culling and compiling of clips to about 90% of completion, so that they can do the final 10% to their personal style. We can also add music, audio, graphics and LUTs.Advanced colour grading is a service that we don't currently offer.

Editing time

Our normal editing turnaround time is two to three weeks


Due to high demand we take on a very limited number of video edits each year. Please inquire to see if we have availability.



Culling - $0.05 per photoEditing - $0.50 per photoAs an example, culling 3000 photos down to 800 is $150, then editing those 800 is $400, so $550 all up.


Because of the custom nature of video editing, all prices are worked out depending on the needs of the content creator - so get in touch!

Pricing is in New Zealand dollars so please use the handy currency converter below to get your local price.All payments are made via Stripe using VISA or Mastercard with no extra fees. Sales tax (GST) is excluded and only payable by NZ residents.

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